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Of Course Kristaps Porzingis Wants To Drop The Hammer Of Godzingis On Shaq

And that folks is why Kristaps Porzingis is different than all those European busts. You think Darko or Frederic Weis ever dreamed about dunking on Shaq? Fuck no. And even if they had the biggest case of beer muscles ever, there is no chance they would ever had told him that. But not our Kristaps. Came out of the womb with two goals. To date Rihanna and dunk on The Diesel. While all those other Euros were dreaming of meeting Shaq and shaking his hand, Godzingis was dreaming of putting his nuts on Shaq’s forehead. That’s swagger you can’t teach. Either you have it while rocking cornrows as a kid or you don’t. So keep hiding behind that desk on Inside The NBA, Big Daddy. Because Godzingis has been a terror since the public school era.


(Sorry, I blogged that picture yesterday and forgot how much I love it. A Latvian kid with cornrows. The only thing from stopping this season from being a total disaster).