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If You Want To Get Dunked On By Me In NFL Trivia Tonight, Sign Up For FanClash Now

We’re running it back on FanClash tonight, giving everyone a chance to play their favorite Barstool bloggers in some sports trivia. Think they finally took our word for it that a lot of traffic will be coming in, so hopefully it won’t crash this time and I can actually have a chance to lay a beat down on you clowns.


I’ll be doing the NFL 2015/16 Review Trivia from 8-9 PM (ET) along with Hank and Smitty. It’s 2 bucks to play for the entire hour, or $6 if you want to sign up for all 3 time slots and play everyone in everything. It’s not aggregate scoring so if you shit the bed against me you still have a shot to turn it around for the MLB at 9. Way to win is just be the fastest and get the most right. Simple. Worst of luck to all of you, I need some cash for March Madness



1st $500

2nd $100

3rd $50

4-10 $25

11-50 $10

51-100 $5