Atlanta Braves First Round Pick Kidnapped Me At The Orlando Airport And The Caleb Pressley Show Is Live


The inaugural episode of my show is here and it is everything we all hoped for. Not only is it another Barstool podcast, but it is actually really cool new piece of unique content. The Atlanta Braves’ 2014 1st round draft pick, my nephew, Braxton Davidson scooped me up from the airport in Orlando last night and I  recorded sound from that point on. He is the middle of spring training, but he still took me out to eat and then back to the Braves’ hotel complex right outside of Disney.

In 45 minutes you’re gonna get conversations on baseball, Braxton’s secret involvement with the Dixie tour, the difficulty of Yung Joc karaoke, a Bieber serenation of our waitress, a Rosetta Stone pickup line, hopes and dreams for The Caleb Pressley Show going forward, and finally we send it out with the track of the week—130 by Well$.

No gas, I think y’all will like this. If you do, please subscribe and comment so that it can shoot up the charts. My goal is to be number one just long enough to get a screen shot. No less, no more. Also, if you already subscribed, apparently Big Cat said the old hockey trick is to unsubscribe, subscribe again, and then always write a review. HERE. (If you don’t see the episode “Orlando” at first, just refresh your page)

Thanks again for all your support, and I hope you all enjoy the new show.


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