Indian Dude Tries To Be Cool And Dodge An Oncoming Train

I liked the extra twist here. I think we all expected that guy to get clipped when the train first blew through. The video was building and building towards the train first passing them and when he successfully got out of the way I was thrown for a loop. Thought maybe this was just going to be a disappointing video.



The classic Double Twist. Where you think the bad guy is dead and the movie is over but it turns out he’s alive and makes one last push to try to murder the girl. Or in this case where you think the Indian dude has successfully dodged the train and then WAP he’s decapitated. “Aahhhh I’m dodging the train! Take a good picture honey! IM DEAD!” The noise of this train annihilating that guy’s skull was straight out of Saturday Morning Cartoons. Short of an anvil falling out of the sky and landing on his head, it doesnt get much better than this.

This is what happens when you get too cocky with trains. Indians think because they dangle from the side of these trains that they know exactly what they’re doing on the tracks.

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Guess not, dude. Your brains all over the side of that locomotive says otherwise.