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Dude Completes The Single Greatest Throw In The History Of Paper Airplanes




I’m not kidding when I say that might be the most amazing feat humans have ever accomplished. We put a man on the moon, we’ve cured horrible diseases and we have doubled stuffed Oreos but I still think that paper plane toss is the greatest human achievement. Mostly because 98% of paper airplanes nose dive right off the bat. Any paper plane I’ve ever made wouldn’t make it across the room, let alone flip and twirl around in the sky like that dude’s paper plane. That shit was up there for a solid 20+ seconds AND it came back to him like a boomerang. That’s like seeing big foot riding on the back of a unicorn. He knew it, too. He knew he nailed it and would forever go down in history.


Look at this face


Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.35.38 AM



Pure adrenaline. That’s a “Did you see that shit? I’m gonna smash so much Asian prep school pussy after this” face if I’ve ever seen one. Get’em.