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Johnny Football Parties With Abigail Ratchford and Awesome Antje. Meanwhile It Was Dank Rainy Cold Day In Cleveland






Does Johnny Football have the best life or what? Just constantly drunk and partying, sometimes showing up to QB meetings, banging the most famous Barstool girls of all time. What a world. I mean look at this threesome! If you’re not careful you could die all up in those titties. Got to be a real competitor not to get suffocated to death. I’m not even joking or trying to be funny. I couldn’t handle all that boob. I’d sprain my neck, bust my shoulder in no time. Not Johnny. Guy comes out of everything smelling like roses.  One second he’s stuck in the worst city in the world.  Next minute he’s 4 boobs deep in Vegas. Next stop Jerry’s World.

PS – I DM’d Johnny asking him to be on my podcast. He must not of seen it so I’m publically asking him.