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Texas A&M Star Danuel House Calls Out All The Bum Aggies Fans Who Don't Show Up To Support The Team

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Smartest move to piss off your fan base heading into the Tournament, maybe not. Maybe another example of college athletes having Twitter accounts being the worst idea ever. But whatever. Guy is passionate about his team and that’s really all you can ask for. Just put his blood guts and sweat all over the floor of the SEC Championship trying to singlehandedly win that game for the Aggies.

And like 14 fans were attendance. Basically a home game for Kentucky. Sorry he wants you guys to show up and support the squad. Fuck your night shift job. It’s March Madness.

Also for all you nerds who are going to come out of the woodwork to criticize House on Your vs. You’re, the guy also spells his name Danuel, so you kind of have to appreciate the dedication to spelling things completely wrong.

But seriously don’t sleep on Danuel House. Just ask Ben Simmons who he is.

Breaking News, A&M just scored on LSU again, lead grows to 145.