Your Brain vs. Pres' Brain In Fan Clash Trivia, Who Ya Got?

Tomorrow night is our Fan Clash Trivia Challenge. All the Barstool Bloggers will be playing throughout the night. Including Mr. Big Brain Portnoy himself. From 7pm to 8pm tomorrow night there will be an hour of NCAA basketball trivia with Pres and all the other Stoolies. Time for Dave to put his Chernin dollars where his mouth is and put his Big Brain to the test. After that from 8-9 Big Cat will be doing NFL trivia and then in the final hour of the night, I’ll be competing during MLB trivia until 10pm.

How does the trivia work? It costs 2 bucks to play during each hour. You get 10 questions every round. You can play as many games as you want during that one hour period. It is not aggregate scoring so they keep your high score. Whoever answers the most questions correctly and the quickest will win. The prizes are as follows:


1st $500

2nd $100

3rd $50

4-10 $25

11-50 $10

51-100 $5

So prove you’re smarter than Pres and realize you’re dumber than me and win some cash. Seems like a good idea to me.