William Regal Saw The Woman Get Suplexed Onto Her Head And Tweeted A Picture Of His Neck...

WOW. Yep. His neck looks like the bag of screws that comes with the dresser you just bought from IKEA. That’ll serve as a fair warning to the younger wrestlers not to be fucking stupid. The GIF I assume he is referring to is the suplex onto a steel chair that I blogged earlier today.


Just the dumbest thing ever for those two women, who 99.9% likely have no future in the business, to take such ridiculous spots. You can still put on a good match without doing that stuff. My neck hurts just watching it happen.

The wrestling business is so fickle and so hard to crack that the young people feel they have to do the most outrageous things to get noticed. I mean shit, it took Kevin Owens 15 years to crack the WWE roster. AJ Styles just got here. Dean Ambrose spent years taking real lightbulbs across the face until he came to WWE. And you can say the same about a multitude of others. The ways these young people cut their teeth in the business is brutal. So it’s good guys who have major pull in the industry like William Regal are trying to put a stop to these death spots before they get too out of hand.