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We're Running Back The FanClash Trivia Night And It's (Hopefully) Gonna Work This Time

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And we’re back! Remember FanClash from a while back? When we crashed their website and weren’t able to do the trivia night that we had planned? Well we’re giving it another shot. Tomorrow night is again Barstool Trivia Night. All the bloggers are participating. You can register for Fanclash here. I’m playing from 7 to 8pm and it’ll all be about NCAA basketball. It costs 2 dollars to play during that hour. This is how it works. You get 10 questions every round. You can play as many games as you can fit in the hour time period. T’s not aggregate scoring either. So if you play a match and get 2/10 right then play the next match and score a 9/10 they keep your score for the 2nd match. The way to win is to just be the fastest and have the most right. Easy peasy. The prizes are below.



1st                         $500
2nd                       $100
3rd                         $50
4-10                       $25
11-50                      $10
51-100                     $5