Wild Postgame Brawl Between Springfield Delco And West Chester Rustin Kids At Ice Line In West Chester

PV – ows were exchanged in the hallways of the Ice Line hockey rink in Chester County after a high school championship game, a video shows after the West Chester Rustin High School and Springfield match. The game was the final for the Flyers Cup A Final, the title game for a high school tournament hosted by Philadelphia’s NHL club. Rustin won, according to Pa Prep Live. It is unclear if those involved were players for either team. The video was tweeted to the Springfield School District’s account after the district posted: “Springfield Ice Hockey… Proud of our team tonight. Thank you for representing our school with class. Stay gold. TB” “This is what you call classy?” Eric Flynn wrote in response, attaching the video to the tweet.

Delco does it again! Lose the game, win the fight. Kind of like what Sun Tzu was going for in The Art Of War with losing the battle but winning the war, just with a lot more cargo shorts and white entitlement. Gotta feel for the poor kid working at Ice Line who tried to calm things down but ended up getting the piss beaten out of him. But at least he learned an important life lesson. You don’t cross a Delconian when they’ve got that look in their eyes that’s been passed down through generations of degenerate. They’ve got nothing to lose. You’d be safer getting in between a lion and his lunch than a kid living around Upper Darby who just got rejected from his dream school of DCCC.

I don’t exactly approve of Delco leaving their shanties and invading civilized areas like the Barbarian hoards of old. The least they could have done was pick out a neutral field of scum like Wildwood and battled it out there. Again.