Maryland Gets a 5 Seed, Going Out To Spokane To Play South Dakota State

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 5.57.14 PM

And there we have it. Maryland gets a 5 seed in the South Region which means…welp, which means they are going to Spokane, Washington to play South Dakota State. I don’t know how that geography makes sense, but that’s the way the cookie crumbled.

So what do we know about SDS? They went 26-7 (12-4 in the Summit). They like to shoot 3’s. They have a ton of white people. They live in South Dakota. Isn’t Mount Rushmore there? That’s kinda cool. And that’s about all we know about South Dakota State.

I thought there was a chance Maryland would slip to a 6 seed, but a 5 all things considered, is still fine. They aren’t the team we thought they would be this year, but it’s tournament time. None of that regular season nonsense matters. We’ve seen teams unsuspectedly make runs in the tournament before, and we know Maryland has the talent to do it this year. Layman is hot at the right time, and Melo isn’t going to shoot 1/200 again. It’s officially dancing time, let’s see what they can do.