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Only A Mad Genius Like Bill Belichick Would Willingly Sit In the Middle Seat On An Airplane



“You Must Sit With the Peasants To Rule Like A King”

- A quote I just made up


This is what makes my friend Bill (Belichick) a god amongst men. Just sitting with the commoners like he’s Gus Bradley or something. Letting their stink get on him. Sitting middle row like a serf. Why would a man like Belichick subject himself to these types of travel accommodations? Why wouldn’t he just charter a private jet? Why wouldn’t he just make Florida come to him? Simple. Because he knows a team is only as strong as his weakest link. Not everybody is Tom Brady. It’s about the 9 to 5 guys. It’s about the 39th guy on the roster as much as the 1st guy. It’s about the blue collar workers. It’s about the minimum wage guys. To lead them you must live and breathe with them. You must empathize with them. Sometimes you need to sit middle seat on a coach flight to know what makes them tick. That’s what leadership and greatness is all about.