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I Absolutely Love That This High School Team Held The Ball For The Entire Overtime And Then Hit A Game-Winning Buzzer Beater

DMRegister- Turner Scott was always taking the buzzer-beating shot. Valley’s star senior guard already had attempts at the end of regulation and the first overtime of Friday’s Class 4A semifinal against top-ranked Pleasant Valley. But when he got the ball to start the second overtime, Valley held it. And held it. And held it. With time dripping off the Wells Fargo Arena clocks, the Tigers played keep-away until Scott could bank in the game-winning jumper as the horn sounded. And Valley then held a title-game berth after a tense 50-48 triumph over the Spartans.




This is very simple. You play to win the game. It starts and ends with that. That’s the bottomline.  You play to win the game within the rules that are presented to you.  Should there probably be a shot clock in high school basketball?  Yeah I think think this pretty much ends the debate but they don’t have a shot clock so you get situations like this. I would tell my team to do the exact same thing if I were the coach. Hold the ball.  Hold the ball. Hold the ball and hope your team makes the last-second shot. Best case scenario? Your guy makes the shot and off you go to the next round. Worst case scenario? Your guy misses the shot and off you go to another OT and hopefully you get the tip and do it all over again. This strategy especially makes sense in a win-or-go-home scenario. It’s a shitty way to win and I’m sure the people in the crowd wanted to kill themselves but winning is winning. Iowa high school basketball, baby.  Catch the fever.


PS- Couldn’t you just foul the guy and make him shoot free throws so you at least have a chance to get the ball back? If you can’t get the steal that seems like the logical thing to do but what do I know.



Also, former NBA player Brad Lohaus’ son goes to Iowa City West and he made this buzzer beater tp-in yesterday