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Things Seem To Be Going Great At The Donald Trump Rally In St. Louis

Jeeeeesus. Combine a controversial candidate with the racial powderkeg that is Missouri and these are the pictures and videos that come out of it. It’s like a way too real SNL skit coming to life. A kid with the fighting stance of someone that definitely bites and uses the fish hook in a scuffle being “held back” by two middle aged women like an NBA player looking to fight. And if that wasn’t enough, we have a white guy calling another white guy “Brother”, which always sends chills down any rational person’s spine (except when Hulk Hogan says it). I can smell the democratic process from here.

And of course we have the “There’s a black guy over here that supports Trump” video, which is the political version of the “I have a black friend” line. If you have a black guy on your side while someone in a cowboy hat plays guitar, everything is gravy. That is straight out of the Race Relations text book.