Conor McGregor Beats The Shit Out Of Conan O'Brien On UFC 2 On Playstation

I would pay 10 times the usual amount to get a real life Conan vs McGregor pay pay view. I’d pay like 500 bucks to watch 9 foot tall Conan O’Brien lumbering around the octagon running for his life and then McGregor kicks him square in the face. It would last like 15 seconds but after the enjoyment I just got watching the video game version of Conan get his face mashed in, the real life beat down would be well worth it. I dont know what it is about Conan, but everything he does or says is just that much funnier than everyone else. Perhaps its the fact that he’s about twice as tall as a normal human with translucent skin and an orange coiffe? Thats probably it. Either way, whatever that X Factor may be, I’d love to see him beat to death in a UFC fight.