New #MikeZaun Video - Francesa Selected As Trumps VP

I dont think anybody is as good at anything as our friend Bill is at doing Mike Francesa. He has absolutely perfected the impression. Obviously the accent but the little mannerisms are what put it over the top. The smirk. Showing his teeth. The pauses. Little bits of stuttering. Its all been perfected.

Rubio, get lawst, he’s a clown.

Kasich – nobody knows what he stands fawh

Ben Cawson, cawl me when you get back from Mars.

Ted Cruz – he’s got a weyid face. I dont like his face. He looks like one of those lizuhd people from one of those monstah movies I dont like. I just dont like Ted Cruz’s face. 

Bill Parcell’s in Mike’s cabinet. “Rex stop Tom Brady then you can werry about Putin, OK?” Pounding Hillary. Its all fucking amazing. And if you werent already laughing out loud, the curve ball at the 3:03 mark will get you going. Another A+ instant classic from @BigActionBill