Could You Kill A Kitten With A Fart?



Thought this was a great question. Could you kill a new born kitten with a fart. I think it’s a no brainer yes. I actually think I could kill a baby with a fart too. And no I’m not saying I could fart on command and murder a kitten, I’m talking about a special fart. Like you know after a Fall football weekend. You spend all day Saturday and Sunday in a bar, drinking Bud Light and eating wings and other garbage. You then wake up on a Monday morning with a gut rot that peels paint of the walls. We’ve all been there. That fart. You can’t tell me that fart wouldn’t kill a kitten. Not even being cocky here, I just think its simple science. Any regular guy who drinks 10-15 beers and eats like crap could produce enough toxins in a fart to murder a kitten. Fact. And you know what, it’s pretty cool when you think about it. Kind of makes me an X-Man.