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It's Friday. Unwind With This Chick Painting Donald Trump With Her Boobs

I wish I had more hands so I could give those titties four thumbs up for their painting ability. Seriously, how does this chick have the ability to do something like that? I still can’t color inside the lines and any picture of a person I make is a stick figure. Yet a couple of boobs can paint a C+ image of The Donald. That is closer to real art than that giant blue painting that was sold for like $100 million. Sure she isn’t really all that funny, but there is really no need to be when your nipples double as a paintbrush.

And yeah, definitely would. They may not be the ideal motorboating variety, but getting up close and personal with those perky Picassos would make anyone feel cultured as fuck. I would probably even start wearing a beret after I did that.