Three GM's Won't Sign Brent Grimes Because They're Petrified Of His Wife Miko

BR – On Thursday morning, three NFL general managers said they wouldn’t sign cornerback Brent Grimes due to his wife, Miko Grimes, and her antics.

Women. Amiright? Actually, I’d be scarred shitless of this woman, too. Miko isn’t a stranger taking that train to Crazy Town on the Internets, including this week when her hubby got cut from the Dolphins:

Assuming you could translate all of that, it’s very easy to see the batshit is strong in this one. And that’s just an EXTREMELY little sample size that’s available to the public. This woman is cut your dick off and throw it in the dryer cray cray. Brent’s gotta that PSAC Ship education to his advantage for once. It’s one thing having yo girl have an “episode” on Twitter (yes I put that in quotes because women love to make their spaz sessions seem isolated and excusable, which they’re not). It’s completely another when your woman is potentially costing you millions of dollars. I actually think the soon to be 33-year-old CB would be a decent 2-year fit for the Eagles (with the right contract, of course), but with Miko along his side I wouldn’t touch him with a 39-and-a-half-foot pole. And I don’t blame other GM’s for doing the same thing. This woman isn’t just baggage, she’s the entire fucking luggage rack.

PS – Did I just embedd and cite a Bleacher Report video? Excuse me, I need to go shower.