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Blackhawks Are Playing In Another Outdoor Game, This Time In St. Louis


(WGN)–Once again, the Blackhawks will be taking part in a game in the outdoors in 2017. On Wednesday night the NHL announced that they will face the Blues at Busch Stadium  in the NHL Winter Classic on January 2nd of next year. It’s the first outdoor games which St. Louis will host and is the fifth outdoor game for the Blackhawks in their history.


Another year, another outdoor game for the Blackhawks. I think it’s safe to say that the Blackhawks are “America’s Team” now. They move the needle in a way no other NHL team can. Busch Stadium is a natural location for this game. St. Louis will put the “class” in Winter Classic. I hope Toews gets a chance to talk to Yadi Molina. Some sort of informal leadership workshop for Toews. Yadi can teach him how to stay hungry and humble. I mean yeah, technically Toews has more rings than Molina even though he’s about half his age, but nobody does the little things better than Yadi. And that’s what really counts. Doing things with class. If Yadi Molina played in the NHL he would win the Lady Byng trophy every year. Toews Lady Byng Awards to date: ZERO. Something to think about.

PS: In honor of #TBT let’s look back at the last game played at Busch Stadium