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Obama Continues To Bully The Shit Out Of The Canadian PM Over The Stanley Cup


I wrote a blog last month when Obama and overly-handsome Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau first went at it over the Stanley Cup. Long story short, Obama said he was going to bring the Cup to the State dinner with Trudeau to make sure his flappy head knows the United States has been its home for the past 12 years. And then Trudeau took to twitter to ask which olympic gold medal he should bring with him; the one from 2002 or 2010, which both years were gold medal victories over the US team. Just some good ol’ locker room chirping between the boys. But anybody who has ever had at least one friend in their life knows that some friendly banter can quickly cross the line and then you end up fist fighting for a couple of minutes before you hug it out, bitch. And I don’t see any way how Justin Trudeau can return back to Canada without at least locker boxing Obama in the Oval Office (it’s a real nice day out today so the Rose Garden works too).

Just watch the way he has to stand up there on stage and take it with a smile. “Thank you sir, may I have another” – Justin Trudeau, definitely. I get that Canada isn’t a world power or anything but this man is still the leader of a nation. And he just got put in a corner by the leader of the free world without doing a damn thing about it. He’s gotta fight back at least a little. Like I said last month, we have to set up a hockey fight between Obama and Trudeau. We can make it a charity event. And all proceeds will go toward raising the Canadian dollar because come on, guys, your dollar fucking stinks right now. It’s a little embarrassing. You’re like cold Mexico at this point. But I truly believe a fight is the only way to solve this. Because Trudeau can come back with this excuse all he wants…


…it’s not going to change the fact that no Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup since 1993 and no Canadian team will even be in the NHL Playoffs this season. You can have your Memorial Cups. You can have your Olympic gold medals. You can have your probable World Cup of Hockey gold medal in October. Because the only thing that really matters is Lord Stanley’s Cup. And it’s not just renting property in the United States anymore, it owns.

Sidenote: Justin Trudeau would beat the shit out of Obama in a fight 9 times out of 10. But it’s a real can’t lose scenario here for Barry O. This is his last term in office so if he loses, big fucking deal. And if he wins? Well then we may want to think about FDR-ing his ass and letting him hang out in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for another 4 years.