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Worst Fear Confirmed: Sam Bradford And Chase Daniel Will Battle For QB 1


I knew it. I freaking knew it. The second I start complimenting this organization they go ahead and pull a stunt like this…and totally redeem themselves.

Now let me clarify this: I’m 100% fine with it being a competition. Bradford certainly hasn’t earned his spot as a franchise QB (yet) and the best player should play at any position. Bledsoe stayed out in favor of Brady. Russell Wilson beat high priced Matt Flynn for the position. Kirk Cousins slinged aside RGIII. If Chase Daniel is truly better for this team as QB 1 than Sam Bradford, more power to him. But I knew the second those contract numbers hit the streets this could be a screw job in the making –

For a team that lives and dies by salary cap and bargains, why would you even consider giving a career backup QB borderline starters money? Chase Daniel hasn’t proven dick in the NFL. They could’ve given him 2nd string cash and still allowed him compete for the job. It’s not like there was a huge market around him. But I guess that’s just how this front office works with people nobody else wants, a la the Doug Pederson hiring. And there’s no doubt they’re going to play favorites with Chase even though he doesn’t deserve it. I’m just very worried we’ve got a House Of Cards situation going on here. Howie is Frank Underwood and Doug Pederson is Claire. They connive and conspire behind the scenes together to slyly get Chase Daniel the starting job without shit hitting the fan. Sure, they could’ve let Bradford walk and just sign the man with 1 career TD in 7 years to lead this team, but that’s political suicide. The play is to slowly convince the team and public Chase Daniel is adequate then BAM! Push Sam Bradford in front of a SEPTA train. All that’s left is to lead the fanbase along and torture us before we pass out drunk in our running car in the garage. Touche, Howie Underwood. Touche, indeed.