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The LeBron James Vine Kid Introducing LeBron James Last Night Was Fantastic





And that my friends is the power of social media. An unknown little kid goes from saying LeBron James’ name over and over again on a Vine then eventually gets to introduce LeBron at an NBA game. I’m sneaky obsessed with this kid. Whenever I’m having a bad day I go to that Vine and it puts a smile on my face.  The Vine has over 52 million loops and I account for at least 51 million of them. Most of the people in that Sacramento Kings crowd had to be SUPER confused as to what was happening. Their kids likely had to explain to them, “Oh that’s the little kid who said LeBron’s name on Vine a bunch of times” and that probably confused the parents even more cause they have no idea what a Vine is.


Serious question, is that little kid the only good thing left about LeBron James? I think he night be. LeBron is having a rough season. It was supposed to be all gum drops and unicorns when he came back to Cleveland but it has been anything but that. Most recently him and Kyrie have been sending subtweets at each other like a couple of high school girls. And thanks to Steph Curry, LeBron kind of seems like an afterthought in the NBA world. That seemed impossible to even think of 5 years ago but it’s all Curry Warriors Curry Warriors Curry Warriors now. Then again with all of that said Cleveland is still the best team in the East. It just seems like people are totally and completely over LeBron. It’s weird.