600-Year-Old Lady Breaks It DOWN On The Street With Some Killer Moves



I respect that woman more than I respect any other person I’ve never met. To be able to experience joy at that age is not something I can promise I’ll be able to do if I live that long. It’s easy right now. I hear music, I dance. Duh. When you’re born with this amount of stockpiled rhythm it’d be a shame for me to waste it and also because my bones and joints allow me such movements. But when I’m 600 years old and my body could disintegrate into powder at any moment? Nope. I’ll more than likely be purposely wandering out onto busy street corners hoping a city bus launches me into the sweet darkness. If my brain is even clear enough at that point to know that I’d rather be dead than old and decrepit. See? I’m already negative about getting old and it hasn’t even happened yet. I don’t understand how that old lady has kept such a magical perspective on things but god bless ya.



By the way, this girl needed to do a whole let less. She spent the whole time rubbing it in the lady’s face that she’s young with decades in front of her while the old lady could be killed by a stiff wind



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