Darnell Nurse And A Red Wings Fan Highlight The Best Hockey Fights From Last Night

Darnell Nurse is a 21-year-old rookie defenseman for the Edmonton Oilers. His father used to be a wide receiver in the CFL and his uncle is Donavon McNabb, a former NFL quarterback and a current terrible tweeter. Obviously the kid was going to be a freak athlete and he can throw hands with the best of them in this league. Now this “fight” last night with Roman Polak may not have been a shining moment for Darnell Nurse because as you could see, he basically jumped Polak. Why would he do that? Well because Polak was accidentally near Matt Hendricks earlier in the game when Hendricks caught and edge and crashed into the boards.

It’s gotta be something with the ice in Edmonton because it’s almost the exact play as when McDavid went down against the Flyers back in November. But to recap, Hendricks goes down hard into the boards after catching an edge, Polak gets the gate for essentially doing nothing and then to make the end of his night a little worse, he gets fucking lit up by a 21-year-old kid. Like I said, not the best moment for Darnell Nurse. He should have obviously let Polak drop his gloves first before borrowing his face for a makeshift punching bag. Still doesn’t change the fact that Nurse went to Fist City out there on Polak. I know if mom and pop were in attendance last night they’d be all about it.

Now we make our way off the ice and into the stands for the 2nd fight of the night. Our setting is the Blue Jackets vs Red Wings game last night in Columbus. I’d have to imagine the fight took place at some point in the 3rd period when Columbus had a 4-1 lead on Detroit. Watching one of the most historic franchises in the league get their shit kicked in by one of the worst, mixed in with plenty of alcohol consumption, will definitely spark a few brawls.

A skinny hick from Ohio vs a fat hipster Red Wings fan. It’s a goddamn shame this thing didn’t get to go a full twelve rounds. Big fan of the guy behind the camera antagonizing this one on with the “hey you guys gonna make out or what?”. Beautifully timed and beautifully executed. They had no other choice but to start throwing haymakers after that one. Only way those punches could have been thrown any faster is if he called them both pussies. “Are we gonna make out? That’s gay, dude. I’m not gay. I watch hockey and love sports and do man stuff. I have a beard. Time to go prove how totally un-gay I am by flailing my arms around in the general vicinity of another man while praying to god somebody comes in to hold us both back”.

Authentic Petr Mrazek jersey: $179.99

1st level tickets to the game: $90

Getting taken out of the arena in handcuffs after watching your Red Wings get worked by the Blue Jackets: priceless