Draftkings Coming At You With Some Thursday Night NHL Mayhem - $45K Up For Grabs

BOOM! And there you have it. $4 could net you a share of $45K and all you have to do is be smarter (luckier) than me at choosing NHL players to rock tonight. If anything you should be counting your blessings the Flyers aren’t in action till tomorrow or I’d be picking Ghost Bear for all 9 slots. And still win. But do the damn thing and sign up for tonight’s tournament cause it really is a no brainer. Good luck, chumps.

Thursday Night Hockey Contest:
– All you have to do is pick a team of 9 NHL players playing Thursday
– Finish in the top 2,675 scores and get paid on Thursday night
– First place wins $3,000
– Total of $45,000 up for grabs
– Must pick your team before Thursday at 7:00 PM EST