Brian Orakpo Is None Too Pleased With Chris Cooley

Oh snap! It’s on! It’s on folks! Got a good ol fashioned smack-the-shit-out-of-him-off! Rak is not happy Cooley went on the radio and tore into RG3, as he is prone to do. He’s been bashing Robert for years, ot wasn’t really anything new. He basically talked about how RG3’s teammates didn’t like him, how he was rude to Kirk, etc etc. All stuff we’ve head before. You can read the full Washington Post article here.

“There was not a friendship there,” Cooley said. “Now again, I don’t know if it’s even relevant, but I just think it’s so interesting, and I just think it plays into so much of how much Robert disliked anyone ever challenging what he was. And when people started to challenge that Kirk might be the guy, it became even worse. It became even more awkward. Let me stop with that.”

Cooley also spoke explicitly of the longstanding impression that some of Griffin’s teammates did not enjoy playing with him.

“The offensive line did not like Robert Griffin,” Cooley said. “A lot of the receivers did not like Robert Griffin. The offensive line had a problem with Robert, because they were considered for a year-and-a-half or two years a terrible offensive line that couldn’t protect a quarterback. A lot of that isn’t true. A lot of that was Robert. A lot of the sacks were put on Robert. Want to believe it or not, they were, okay? Football-wise, they were: it was Robert.

But Rak took offense to this, even though I feel like I’ve read this same thing about Robert 1000 times. But I guess now that he is gone, Cooley felt more comfortable going deeper into it. And some people, like Brian Orakpo, were or still are friends with Robert and aren’t cool with it. Niles Paul didn’t appreciate it either.

Quite amazing how deep the divide is with RG3. Even when he’s gone you still have people taking sides, smashing skulls about him. Most polarizing guy ever. I really don’t get the big deal about what Cooley said or why they are mad at him, even if they are ex-teammates, Cooley is still just doing his job as a radio guy. It’s his job to tell it as it is, and if that’s how he views RG3, so be it. Cooley is as connected as anyone, I guess players are just so fucking sick of the constant drama surrounding this team. But lets not act like Cooley said anything completely outrageous. We’ve known for a few years now that people inside the locker room, from coaches down to the players, weren’t huge Griffin guys. Nothing Cooley said hasn’t already been said before.

However I do love the idea of Orakpo fighting Cooley.