What Type of Lunatic Would Still Eat At Chipotle?

BILLERICA (CBS)A Chipotle in Billerica has been shut down temporarily after an employee was diagnosed with norovirus and two others reported similar symptoms. By late Tuesday, cleanup crews had arrived with sanitation supplies in tow. Customer after customer arrived to find a familiar sign on the door. “Disappointed they’re closed again,” said customer Tim Wood.The Board of Health was immediately notified and work began. “I think the restaurant is doing everything possible to sanitize and bring everything back to a cleanliness state to reopen,” said Sandra Giroux of the Billerica Board of Health.


What’s that old expression? Give me Norovirus once shame on you. Give me norovirus twice shame on me. Like what type of lunatics are still eating at Chipolte nowadays? You literally have to be insane. And I like Chipolte, but I’m not a huge fan of getting food poisoning. I mean I always assume there is a 10% chance I’m gonna get food poisoining when I eat Mexican food, but now it’s like 80% at Chipolte. No thanks. I just don’t get how laissez faire (look it up) these customers were in this video. “Oh I’m sure they are doing their best and are aren’t trying to give us norovirus.” Huh? Bro they keep having diseases in their restaurants. At some point you just got to cross this off your dining options list.