2 Important New Inventions On Today's Mailtime

2 very important inventions on today’s show. One completely reinvents the Birthday Game. Celebrating your birthday now is lame. This new version will increase your use for your birthday 10 fold.

And the other is the next huge step for Barstool. Its not television. Its not the book. Its something completely different and I got it all mapped out in my head and I’m gonna retire off this shit. What will likely happen is that I’ll pitch this idea to Dave now and then in 4 years he’ll decide to do it and be all in on it.

We also did a huge Barstool DVR segment and talked about almost every show thats out right now. From House of Cards to the impending season of Thrones to Always Sunny becoming the Greatest of All Time. The new JFK assassination show 11.22.63, the new season of Vikings, OJ Show, and more.

And last but not least the return of the longest running Mailtime segment, One Minute Man.

100 minutes of Mailtime starts now. Plug in, juice up.