Here We Have Duf Daddy In A #69 Jersey Taking Some Cuts At Blue Jays Batting Practice



If you’re gonna take batting practice with an MLB team, you might as well go all the way like Jason Dufner did here. Wear the jersey with #69 on the back. Wear the pants.  Wear the batting gloves. Wear the hat.  The whole thing. Being a pro athlete who has pro athlete friends in other sports means you get to do Make A Wish-type stuff all the time. How does Duf Daddy not have a lipper in the size of Jupiter though?  Shocking stuff. That’s the biggest upset of all. Can’t you just picture Jason Dufner, before he got skinny, as a designated hitter in an alternate universe? Big gut, big lipper, big swing. I’m not even saying an MLB designated hitter.  You could talk me into him being a lifetime minor leaguer. That might be better actually. Riding the bus, heavily drinking and just being awesome. At least he got to live that dream for one day.



Alright I’ll do one picture of the artist formerly known as Amanda Dufner. She needs to get back out there on Snapchat or something. Paulina Gretzky stays running laps around her.


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 7.25.40 AM