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Taking In A Hockey Game With The Ryan Brothers Has To Be Up There On The Bucket List

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Ed Reed joined the staff yesterday and immediately gets the royal treatment in Buffalo (gets taken to a hockey game). It’s like joining the coolest gang in town. If you commit to the Ryan era in, you toss on a sweater, grab a stadium cup of budweiser, and watch some hockey. My only question is what do we think the boys order at a hockey game. Like I don’t know about everyone else but I have a pretty standard order depending on the event I’m attending. Hockey I go beer when I step foot in the door (20 dollars of 50/50). Beer and food in between first and second. Beer right before the end of the second (another 20 dollars on 50/50), then beer and a pretzel before last call during the third. Rex probably doesn’t eat much because he’s a pussy quitter with that lap band thing. But I’ve got Rob penciled in for 2 plates of nachos, a slice of pizza, hot dog, large popcorn and maybe a small fro yo (trying to watch the figure). Throw in 8-10 bud heavies, a half a tin of Grizzly (no need to get the fancy stuff) and that’s just a standard Tuesday for Rob. Ed Reed is probably waking up this morning with the world’s worst hangover/stomach ache. That’s what happens when you roll with the big dogs. It’s like those Vegas commercials where the people have a crazy night at the club and casino, only it’s Buffalo and the crazy night is warm beer, stale farts, and bar popcorn.


I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, watching these two coach the Bills this year is going to be amazing. From the early success that gets everyone talking “maybe the Bills?” to the late season collapse where they undoubtedly get in a fight on the sideline. Can’t wait.