Ian Rapoport Is Putting On An NFL Scoop Performance For The Ages, Dunking ALL OVER Schefter


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Look at Ian go! Stuffing Schefty into a locker before Free Agency has even begun!* The best part about this is you know how much it kills Schefter. I mean for fans like us learning about a signing 30 seconds before everyone else really doesn’t matter, but for these guys, it is EVERYTHING. Deep down in Schefty’s core he is dying every time Rapoport rings that bell. Ian just sitting in his basement fist pumping Schefter’s skull in. Another one and another one ANNNND another one. Get yours Ian, let the big dog eat!







*I love the fact that free agency doesn’t officially begin until tomorrow afternoon but it basically all happens tonight. Eventually we’re just going to have an everflowing NFL schedule. A shapeshifting amoeba with no start and no finish. The NFL will someday own every single day on the calendar and I’m totally fine with it.