Blackhawks Parade On Friday To Go From UC To Grant Park

Blackhawks Victory Parade in Chicago


(Source) The parade to celebrate the 2013 Stanley Cup Winning Chicago Blackhawks scheduled for Friday will start at the United Center and end with a rally in Grant Park, officials said. The parade will kick off at the United Center and will end at Hutchinson Field in Grant Park, city officials said. The rally is at 11 a.m. but city officials refused Tuesday evening to say when the parade will begin. The route of the parade also has not been released but officials said they expect to release more details Thursday.


Little odd it’s Grant Park and not Michigan Ave like 2010 but by everyone’s estimate they’re expecting 3-4 million people, so yeah, Grant Park it is. No reason any stoolies should be working on Friday. Get those sharpies ready to make some Viva La Stool signs.  I want someone to Stool that clown Pat Tomasulo.



I feel like mucking up Grant Park before the Greg Olsen Kickball tourney works in Barstool’s favor. We’re adversity guys. Competitors through and through.