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Tom Brady Is Flipping Off Cabbies With His Beautiful, Majestic Middle Finger





I’m not even sure this picture is real, that’s how beautiful Tom’s hand is. I feel like he should have dove’s flying out of the palm of his hand, or a bolt of lightning shooting from his finger to the heavens because it’s just so majestic. You know those big dick porn thumbnails where it’s just a huge hunk of meat in front of a girl’s face while she stares at it, bewildered by its size? Brady is essentially doing that to himself here. Simply an amazingly authoritative finger. Wouldn’t be surprised if thunder didn’t clap the moment that thing went erect, as it’s truly god-like.




Also, I’m trying to get a number here. What’s the percentage of thumb-in finger givers? Always been a thumb-out guy myself, but that’s because I’ve got Trump hands and need to make myself appear more powerful. It’s a bit of an optical illusion, like when you make yourself big if you happen upon an animal or when the Yankees got pinstripes for Babe’s fat ass.


So I’m putting it to a vote: 1 for thumb-in, 10 for thumb-out


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