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Sami Zayn Returned, Ambrose Was Really Over, And Reigns Was Nowhere To Be Found On Raw Last Night


Let me say this- I’m not a Sami Zayn guy. People like to say I’m an Internet Wrestling mark, but then I drop the fact that Sami does nothing for me and you’d think I just fucked their sister on their grandmother’s grave. I get what people love about him, but it just comes off as a poor-man’s Daniel Bryan to me. Same gimmick, same look, not as electric though. Out of Owens, Neville, and Sami, Zayn is my least favorite. I’m a huge Neville guy and think he should be pushed to the moon. I’m a huge Owens guy and think he should be the top heel in WWE. Sami Zayn though? Could take him or leave him. I’m going to give him a fair shake though. I’ll give him a chance to make an impression on me with a run on the main roster. And it looks like it will be Owens vs Zayn at Mania. I’m interested to see who they will have go over in that match. Owens winning solidifies him as a top tier guy that they have a lot of faith in as a long-term IC champ and heel who will eventually win the WWE Title. A Zayn win does the same on the opposite end of the spectrum. I think they give KO the win and extend this feud through SummerSlam.

Elsewhere on Raw, Dean Ambrose continued to shine while Roman Reigns wasn’t on television for the 2nd week in a row. Uhhhh, this is supposedly your top face and we are less than a month away from Mania and he’s not on TV at all? Weird. All I can think is he will be coming back at the Network special on Saturday and interfering in the Ambrose/HHH match. The question is though, who does he help? Everyone is clamoring for that heel turn, it has to happen right? Or at least teased, with him going full heel the following Monday on Raw? The thing is, as we saw the last couple of weeks, Ambrose is just fine at the top of the card by himself.  The show runs SOOOOOO much smoother when all three hours aren’t dedicated to getting Reigns over. The show runs so much more naturally and just has a lighter, not as annoying tone when Reigns isn’t forced down your throat every 4 minutes. Vince has to realize this, right?

Despite no Cena and no Rollins, the card for Mania is shaping up decently. The women’s triple threat match should be good, the street fight between Ambrose and Lesnar should be ridiculous, and of course the Hell in a Cell between Shane and Undertaker has all sorts of deadly potential. It’s that main event between HHH and Reigns that has everyone scratching their heads.


Other things:

How about this promo Ziggler cut that they didn’t show on TV? They keep doing this thing where they keep the most entertaining and best promos off TV. I don’t know why.


Also, shout out to everyone who bought a Y2AJ shirt for 30 bucks. That tag team lasted all of 2 weeks. Can’t believe they were even selling them at the arena last night. What a fucking waste. AJ is a beast though.


Great shit after the show went off the air. Pizza got so over.


And finally, Wrestlemania 33 is going to be in Orlando next year. See ya there. They are also building a restaurant/Hall of Fame in Orlando to coincide with it, which is a much better idea than paying for a restaurant in the middle of Times Square.

PS: Tons of stoolies will be at Mania this year. We’ll drink plentiful amounts of alcohol together.