Dwight Howard, Still The Cheesiest Dude Of All Time





You know what’s funny. I don’t think I hate Dwight Howard anymore. I used to get pissed off at his always smiling superman schtick. But now, he’s just sort of a guy. He’s not good enough to be dominant and he’s not annoying enough to bother me. Couple years ago this picture gets tweeted and I would think, fuck Dwight Howard is so lame, he should be better than he is and all he cares about is being the big goofy dude. Now? I just laugh at how cheesy he is. He’s the guy in your group of friends that still thinks slapstick and pranking people is the peak of comedy. He may be lame but he ultimately doesn’t mean any harm, except when you’re his teammate or coach and he spends his days creating a toxic environment, demanding trades, and trying to backstab you. Other than that though, great guy.





People don’t forget.