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Kanye Is Apparently In Sweden And May Start Designing IKEA Furniture


Desperation is a stinky cologne, Yeezy. This is how you know Kanye has officially gotten desperate or gone full blown heel. Once you start dabbling with Ikea, you are looking for a money grab or purposely playing with people’s emotions. Or Kanye is trying to be an artist and the greatest furniture designer of all-time. And nothing says artistic genius than a $40 desk that is stylish and affordable.

Actually, Kanye probably is going to create a bunch of shitty furniture with shitty instructions that will probably pair perfectly with his clothing collection for homeless people. Sleeping bags, milk crates, and those giant bags that for some reason always have a ton of newspapers in them. Kanye needs to leave Sweden without signing a contract, fix Wolves, get into a few more Twitter beefs, and then design furniture that only the Kardashians and their friends can afford.

And how about Sweden turning their official Twitter handle to a different person every month? Typical European weirdness. Be a real continent for me one time, Europe.