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Dog Hops Behind The Wheel Of A Big Rig, Smashes Into A Parked Car And Probably Did It For A Good Reason

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KTLA- A canine may find itself in the doghouse after being involved in a semitrailer crash Friday afternoon in Minnesota. The collision happened about 2 p.m. in Mankato, where the Labrador was found behind the wheel of the big rig after it slammed into a car near the gas pumps at a Kwik Trip convenience store, the Mankato Free Press reported. No other occupant was found inside the truck. Mankato, a city of about 41,000 residents, is located about 80 miles southwest of Minneapolis. No one was injured in the incident, which began when the semitrailer was apparently put in gear and moved through the parking lot of a Wilson Trailer Sales location before crossing North River Drive, the newspaper reported, citing the Mankato Department of Public Safety. The big rig then jumped a curb, hit a tree and struck a car. Witness David Stegora told the Free Press, adding that he saw the dog in the vehicle but not a driver. 



Nobody is gonna blame the dog for this and nobody should. He didn’t do anything wrong. He most likely did the opposite of wrong. What do I mean? I mean dogs, like Jason Bourne, don’t make mistakes. They don’t do random. There’s always an objective. Always a target. We just don’t know what the target or the objective is because dogs are a million times more perceptive than humans. That tree was probably going to get struck by lightning in a few years and cause that gas station to explode, killing many. Not anymore.  Not now that a dog came to the rescue and took it out before it could do any harm. That parked car is probably drive by an asshole who was a big time bully back in the day and the dog wanted to teach him a lesson. That’s just what dogs do. They’re out there moving pieces on the chessboard that we can’t even see. So thank you, big rig dog for whatever you did. We may not be able to understand why you did it but it had to be for a good reason.


h/t matt