Ostrich Chases A Bunch Of Cyclists Like A Goddamn Lunatic



First things first, I’m gonna be fucking pissed if that’s fake. Let’s just get that out of the way right off the bat. If it’s real then that was AWESOME. That was like some Jurassic Park shit but without the dinosaurs so not really at all. Big day for sprinting animals though. BIG day. First we had Tibor the Rhino sprinting out of the zoo (#TeamTibor4Lyfe #SweetFreedom) and now we’ve got this ostrich running like Usain Bolt in his prime. That ostrich was fast as fuck. I didn’t know ostriches(sp?) had jets like that. Strides on strides on strides. To be honest part of me was hoping one of those cyclists was gonna take it personally and Road Rage punch the ostrich right in the face. That’s what I really wanted to see, That’s what I would’ve done if I had been there. It would’ve been a fear punch but a punch nonetheless. You can’t just let an ostrich roll up on you like that. What’s stopping him from knocking them off their bikes and leaving them for dead? Nothing, that’s what. Gotta establish dominance with a solid punch to the beak.