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Eagles And Dolphins Are Apparently Hammering Away A Trade Involving Ms. Byron Maxwell

FIRE SALE! Getcha Chip players while they’re hot!

Well it seems like anyone not named Samuel Bradford that was caught in the orbit of Chip Kelly’s nuts is on the block. Howie and Co. doing everything they can to rid the organization of Chip Kelly’s stench. I think Stalin did less to erase some of his colleagues from the history books. I’m all for getting rid of Ms. Maxwell…if it’s a beneficial move. You can’t just dish him off for a late round pick and call it a win. A 3rd? Maybe. That contract doesn’t help things. Of course Byron Maxwell was overpaid last year. The Eagles needed a CB and got the best on the market. Was he THAT bad? Absolutely not. He’s a stellar #2 corner making #1 lockdown money. He isn’t Bradley Fletcher. And it’s a shame his mistakes were highlighted by his expectations and Laissez Faire attitude (I dare you to laugh after losing and being made Julio Jones bitch again, Byron. I DARE YOU.). But like I said, if the Eagles can get decent value in a trade, it may be the best play for everyone involved. Ms. Maxwell can get away with that ‘Ole bullshit in a city that doesn’t care.