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Game Of Thrones Is Coming Back Soon So This Guy Decided To Make An 800-Foot Dire Wolf In The Snow



A couple things. One, who knew snow artist was even a real profession? I don’t remember seeing that major on the list when I was in college. I’m the fucking man at making snow angels so I guess I’m a snow artist too.  And two, why a dire wolf? Dire wolves are dope and all that but they would be pretty far down on my list of Game of Thrones characters who I want to turn into snow art. #1 on that list is obviously Margaery Tyrell’s boobs. That’s just a given and anybody who disagrees is wrong and I feel bad for them for being so stupid. Since the show runners at GOT have decided not to let those puppies get anymore air time I would re-create them in snow. Not to mention it’d be hilarious to see a giant pair of snow boobs. Other items on that list would include the dragons, the white walker doing the “Come at me bro” stance from last season, Ygritte in the cave or Tywin Lannister on the toilet. Last on the list would be whatever Lord Varys has going on downstairs.


PS- Beyond pumped for GOT to come back. Partly because it’s an awesome show and partly because it’s just fun having a Sunday night show to look forward to. The binge model makes sense for places like Netflix and Hulu and it clearly works and is the future. But there is something to be said for watching a week-to-week TV show and thinking, “There are millions and millions of people watching this at the same time as me and none of us know what the hell is gonna happen here.”