YouTube- Tibor, 8-year-old rhino, makes an effortless escape at Ramat Gan Safari in Israel, captured on CCTV walking through an open gate followed seconds later by a frantic guard chasing behind.



That’ll get the blood flowing on a Monday morning. The people who work at a zoo have one job. One. Sure, everyone there has specialized jobs and tasks they need to perform but those jobs can only happen if they do the one thing that is absolutely necessary at a zoo. That job? KEEP THE GATE CLOSED. That’s it. That’s literally the one thing that needs to happen in order to run a successful zoo. Everything else is gravy. The security guard who we saw sprinting with shit running down his leg will likely be the fall guy and get fired but it takes a village. If you see something, say something. All it took to prevent that was one employee being like, “Hey why isn’t the gate closed? Seems pretty important.” I was rooting for Tibor so hard there by the way. #TeamTibor til I die (or until I forget about this story in two hours). Always root for the animal when a zoo prison break happens. Everyone loves an underdog. I wanted Tibor to taste the sweet air of freedom for even a few seconds.