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Congratulations To Bubba Sparxxx And Former Miss Iowa On Their Engagement!

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Yahoo- It looks like Bubba Sparxxx has found the lady he was looking for. According to TMZ, the “Ms. New Booty” rapper, born Warren Anderson Mathis, announced his engagement to Katie Connors, who won the Miss Iowa title in 2010. The Georgia native began dating his fiancee two years ago and now plans to tie the knot on May 21. The happy couple will also host their ceremony at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage in Nashville, Tenn., which reportedly costs around $100,000. Sparxxx has remained consistent in the music industry, recently dropping his current studio album, Made on McCosh Mill Road. But he made waves throughout the hip-hop realm with his 2001 debut project Dark Days, Bright Nights which boasted production from famed beatsmith, Timbaland. Check out photos of the happy couple, and a slimmed-down Sparxx below.



Oh shit!  New power couple in town! Might be time for Jay and Bey to step aside. Time to retire the crown because these two just snatched it. To be totally honest with you I’m only writing this blog because the title made me laugh. Something about a rapper from Georgia marrying a former Miss Iowa brought a smile to this blogger’s face. It’s the little things in life, folks. Remember Bubba Sparxxx? I bet you do. He’s the guy who wrote some of the anthems we all got our dicks grinded on to at high school dances. Good man. We’re all in debt to him for that. If you didn’t awkwardly rub your teenage boner across the lower back of a consenting teenage girl to a Bubba Sparxxx song in your high-school-cafetera-turned-dance-floor in the early 2000s then you did it all wrong. And now he’s marrying former Miss Iowa Katie Connors.  Small world I guess. I also hope this blog earns me an invitation to their wedding. How great would it to be do dancing to Ms. New Booty at Bubba Sparxxx’s wedding? Would love to cross that one off the bucket list.


Seriously though, what diet is Bubba on?  Gonna need those deets ASAP


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