The Only Problem With Jonah Hill Doing "Jumpman" With Future Is It Wasn't Longer

Jonah Hill hosted SNL on Saturday and it was a pretty decent episode. Future, a rapper best known for wearing a very large coat and sunglasses indoors, was the musical guest. And I gotta say, Jonah knocked Jumpman out of the park. The only problem with the performance is it wasn’t longer. Don’t tease me with Jonah Hill rapping and only give me 25 seconds of it. Don’t promise me a BJ then tickle my taint (believe Shakespeare wrote that). I need the whole thing, Jonah! Give me the BJ, Jonah! Regardless, he was awesome during it.

And let’s talk about white guys rapping the N word during rap songs. It’s kinda like when in Mr. Wright’s English class he made us read Tom and Huck out loud. Made us dopey little white kids plow through those N words. Isn’t rapping Future the same thing? It’s like the one time us dopey white kids should be able to get away with it. We all do it in our cars, in our houses, etc. What are you going to do, edit yourself and compromise the integrity of your performance? You can’t do that. Future can’t make us car singers, us artists, compromise our artistic visions. It should be a hall pass, but only if you can rap it as good as Jonah. (Also, you probably shouldn’t ever drop some N bombs in front of black people, even if you can rap it as good as Jonah.)