Iowa Wrestler Sammy Brooks Gives A Post-Match Interview About His Mullet



What an interview from Sammy Brooks! An interview for the ages. I’m not even a big wrestling guy despite being from the center of the wrestling universe but you’d be stupid not to be all-in on Sammy Brooks after watching that. And there ya go for all the kids out there. You wanna be a good wrestler? It’s not about cutting weight or spending hours in the gym training.  It’s all about having a good mullet. Make sure it’s fluffed and feathered and you’re good to go. He’s not wrong.  You can’t grow a great mullet in a day just like you can’t win a B1G title in a day. Sammy Brooks out there dropping quotes like Confucius.


If we’re being totally honest his mullet isn’t even that great but you can’t deny those quotes.