2 In 17


Still can’t quite wrap my head around that finish last night. That was what the Bruins did to the Maple Leafs. One second planning Game 7 the next winning the Cup. 2 in 17 seconds. Never seen anything like it. Both goalies pulled in under 2 minutes. When has that ever happened in a Stanley Cup Final clinching game? Has to go down as one of the most memorable/craziest sequences in Sports history right? As crazy as the Bruins comeback in Game 7 of the first round was this may have been crazier just because of what was at stake. What an unreal series. Best Stanley Cup Finals in a long time. Just think that it started with a 3 overtime Game 1 and that game pales in comparison to Games 4 and 6. Blackhawks down 2-1 and basically everyone outside of Chicago writing them off as dead.