KFC Radio Featuring Handsome Hank AKA Hen Ease AKA The Handsome One

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KFCR #158: Hollywood Hank from Brendan Clancy on Vimeo.

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One day, like 10-15 years from now, a book will be written. Not the Portnoy Barstool book. The Hank Barstool book. I dont know if it will make much sense. Might seem like Charlie Kelly wrote it. But it will be written nonetheless. And it will be fascinating. Because there has been no better fly on the wall in the world of barstool than one Henry Lockwood. The dude has been there for EVERYTHING. His latest adventure was into Beverly Hills. At least thats where he thought we were the whole time even though we were nowhere close.

But for real todays KFC Radio features a little insight into the life of Hank, which is sneaky one of the most fascinating at the Stool, and some voicemails in general about his involvement with the site. We also talk about getting twin sisters pregnant at the same time, being fat vs feeling fat, and more. Its the last bit of content coming out of the Barstool Sports LA tour, so enjoy. Plug in juice up.