Johan Franzen Obliterates Pierre Maguire On Instagram, Should Get MVP Even Though He's Out Hurt

jranzen93 PIERRE!! Did you just call Kane -Magic Man? I know he’s having a great year and all but there’s only one Magic Man and his name is Pavel.
Are you gonna throw Mr Hockey at Toews in the third???? #lgrw even Siri knows who the magic man is

Johan Franzen just putting Pierre in a bodybag, literally and figuratively. I mean, Pierre deserves shit even before this but he really does when he does something foolish like call Pat Kane the nickname everybody has been using for Pavel Datsyuk for ages. But having a player slap this up? Outstanding. Love the defense of his boy and just flat-out calling Pierre a dickhead for it. And it seems that it’s not just players who are getting sick of the useless info-dropping former Whalers coach, even his co-workers are getting exasperated with his boring minutiae.

Edzo couldn’t be any less interested, just like the viewers at home, in what Pierre was talking about. But at least he managed to not call him a dickhead, haha. And while we’re on the subject, people really need to stop calling Brad Marchand the Little Ball of Hate. That was Pat Verbeek’s rather unique nickname due to his douchebag on-ice style (not unlike Marchand’s abrasive talent). But applying it to a current player is not only lazy and uncreative, it’s stealing one from a guy who scored 522 NHL goals, not some goon who was a one-seaon cult hero. Naturally, Kevin Dupont, the King of Awful Nicknames, beats it to death just like he did with Jon Casey, Al Iafrate, and countless others over the years. Cut the shit and start working on a nickname for Franzen’s social media takedowns.

Grazie to Puck Daddy for the heads-up.