Sam Bradford Explains Why His Sleeves Are So Loose And Also Takes A Shot At Chip Kelly

Makes sense. What, you thought he did it to look like Mr. Magoo out there? No. It’s solely a comfort thing. I don’t care if he plays in the nude if that means his ACL’s stay in one piece before they’re shipped back to the Twizzler factory. Sammy and Doug E. Fresh also held a presser today where he the Sleeves and his coach dropped a couple of these tidbits, courtesy of “Journalists” who think their tits don’t stink with their “Press Passes” and “Ironed Shirts”. I mean look at that one guy, he’s wearing a belt! That’s Hollywood for you.

Annnddd the big ones:

giphy (4)

BOOM! I guess. Whatever. Onto FA and the draft…in which I can already tell you I wish one of those shots Bradford fired at Chip Kelly just hit me in the head.